Making noise with my family...

Making noise with my family...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art Class

I've just come from art class, I love it but still lifes aren't really what I want to do...I'm still enjoying it however...Our regular teacher is in Italy for a couple of weeks, the lucky bastard, so we had a different guy. He is great for technique and colour tips but a little bit controlling - I didn't like him poking at my painting (with his brush lol) but I did learn a lot from him. He keeps saying 'hmmm....well, it isn't what I would do...' One more week of him next week, I can't wait to start doing my own stuff but I feel I have to get better at life drawing first...Ill just have to work from photo references for the moment as I don't know anyone who'd be patient enough to be a good model! Ideal model: Henry Cavill (Charles Brandon from the Tudors). Ah well at least I'm back painting again anyway...and I'm not as crap as I thought I'd be.

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